Term 3- 2018 started

Perfect 10has kicked off Term 3 on Monday (23rd July), so please let us know your booking preferences by Wednesday this week. Please find attached all the necessary information and please take a note of couple of missing sessions in week 4 due to a water polo event. If your chosen day is on any of those 2 missing sessions, you can either do a make up during any other week in Term 3 or calculate fees as pro-rata.

If you are not interested in taking part in Term 3 then also please let us know as well.


New to diving? drop us an email at sobrino@bigpond.net.au 


We will have some coaching changes this coming Term. Maddison Pulinger secured a place at US University and will be leaving in 3 weeks. We are currently looking at her replacement. Chava and Joel will be joining some of the sessions.


Good luck this term!


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